Adobe Photoshop CS3 Tutorial: The Vanishing Point Filter: Wrapping a label around artwork. Part 2

14Open food_label_jpg

15Select all (CTRL/CMND+A) Copy (CTRLCMND +C) and return to brown_box_psd. Paste the copied label (CTRL/CMND + V). this will paste the artwork into a new layer.

16Select the layer, make sure “Show Transform Controls” is selected in the Control Palette.

17This will reveal the resize handles around the image. Hold down the Shift key as you resize from the top left. Holding down shift will constrain the proportions as you scale. make the images roughly the same size as the canvas.

18Now select all artwork on the layer by holding down CTRL/CMD as you click on the layer thumbnail. This will select the artwork with a marquee. Cut (CTRL/CMD +X) the selection. This will leave you with an empty layer. Make sure this is selected.

19Return to Filter > Vanishing Point from the menu. The planes you created earlier are now visible again. Paste (CTRL/CMD + V) the cut artwork. This will appear with a marquee around it.

20Now click inside the artwork and drag it into the planes. the artwork will warp around the planes like so:

21Resize the artwork with the transform tool.

22Once you are happy with the results, click ok or double-click inside the artwork.

23The layer now has the artwork inside it. Now hide this layer and create a new layer above it. Name this “shadow”.

24Select the Pen Tool. Click on each of the 4 corners of the shadowy part of the box as shown below, to create a Shape.

25Select the “Shadow” layer and adjust the Opacity to 20% to make this object semi transparent.

26You may want to make changes to the shape so it is perfect. To access the points you made earlier, you need to select the “Direct Selection Tool“. You’ll find this in a fly out menu- is you click and hold over the Selection, or Black Arrow Tool.

27You can now use this tool to select the individual points in the path. Click and drag to reposition these points more accurately if needed.

28When you are happy, select the Shape layer and hide it. Show the layer with the wrapped label and select it. ADjust the Opacity to 40%.

29Choose the Polygonal Lasso tool and click and drag around the artwork, leaving out any parts that are outside the box planes.

30The finished selection.

31From the Select menu, choose Inverse to invert the selection.

32Delete the selected pixels. this will get rid of all the surplus label artwork. Now show the “Shadow” layer and fine tune any messy corners using the Eraser tool if necessary. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, and look out for Part 2 next week.

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