Creating a logo in Adobe Illustrator CS3: Part 1- Using the Pathfinder

This is part 1 of my 2 part Tutorial, creating a logo in illustrator using the Pathfinder.

We will learn how to use the Pathfinder palette to create interesting shapes.

The scenario: The client, who is about to launch a line of natural remedy products, wants a design that is simple, fresh and contemporary.

The logo should look good both in full colour and in black and white.

1Start Illustrator and create a new document.
Select the Pen Tool and click once to create the start of the path.

2 We want to create another point below the first one- Hold down SHIFT and click- this will keep the points nice and straight.

Because we want to create a smooth point here, drag to the left as the point is created. This will give you a smooth curve and reveal the tangent handles..

Screenshot 1

3Mouse over the first point, You will see a holllow circle appearing as shown below. This indicates that you are about to close a path.

Screenshot 1

4Click to close the path, you will now have a simple teardrop shape.

Screenshot 1

5Using the toolbox, give the shape a green fill and no stroke

6Copy the shape and go to Edit> Paste it in Front

7 This will paste an exact copy in the same location as the original, so they are both overlapping. Select the new shape and give it a lighter green fill.

8Now select the Direct Selection (white arrow) tool.

9Click on the bottom point. This will reveal the tangent handles again.

10 Hold down SHIFT and drag the left handle to the right, inwards towards the shape.

11 When you are happy with the shape, click on the Selection Tool (black arrow) and select the shape. Now hold down ALT – keep holding ALT down and drag a copy of this object towards the right

12 Now you have 2 identical shapes, as shown:

13 Select both objects on the left:

14 To open the Pathfinder Pallette, Go to Window> Pathfinder:

15 Press the 2nd Button on the top row, Subtract from Shape area. This command will “punch” the top object into the bottom object.

16 The finished result!.

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