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This was a  huge project which involved the design of many screens which I later built in HTML and CSS

The final build was done by external developers in Magento, but I had to work closely with them as their expertise was in ecommerce websites rather than front end development.

This site was developed when the masonry grid used in Pinterest was in its infancy- getting the css and javascript to work in Magento was one of the biggest challenges I’d faced in web design. Now this is  a doddle of course but at the time it meant hours of research and many hours spent in Stack Overflow, where the great community helped me generously.

As Made to Last’s suppliers list expanded, it was decided that a set of  badges could be used in the product pages to show provenance.

First, I explored various options using the ‘Made in the UK’ generic badge – and once settled on the textured circular variations I provided these in the 4 versions.

Some products came in various colours so a badge was also needed to let users know there were other options available. A few options were presented in situ.

The quality of made to last products is supported by these badges which display relevant and interesting snippets of information. These badges are used throughout the site to draw attention to, and remind potential customers of the features of the long lasting and well made products on offer.