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In 2010 I was commissioned to design an online promotional quiz for invitrogen. The quiz was aimed at scientists who were familiar with Invitrogen’s products.

Working closely with Kelpie creative we storyboarded the quiz and created a suite of bespoke characters for each section.

The quiz was a  standalone WordPress site which collected the information using some clever backend work.

Banner ads promoting the quiz (To win a first generation ipad , how times change!) were supplied as swfs and gifs. At the time, Flash was slowly getting pushed out, so we had to find alternatives for mobile devices.

Character design

A big part of my involvement was creating the bespoke characters for the quiz. These had to be kept relatively simple for animation. Moodboards were discussed until a  style was settled on- friendly, not too cartoony and with just enough detail.

Simple expressions were animated to add interst and movement to the quiz.

Eureka! Invitrogen online quiz.

Their new product – dubbed ‘Knockout’ was gradually revealed inside a  petri dish as the answers were answered correctly.


Medical illustrations

A suite of medical illustrations was also designed, I really enjoyed this stage of the project as I love spending time in illustrator. These were optimised for online use but were later repurposed for print work.

Shown here are a few of those illustrations, for a  pipette and bottles.