Domain Name Questions

What are domain names?

Domain names are unique names that identify an Internet site.

Do I need a domain name?

You will need a domain name for your website. You can find out if your chosen name is available. We can register it for you or include it in one of our web packages.

Is my domain available?

Check if your domain is available with this domain availability checker..

How much will a domain cost me?

Prices vary, for example a .com or .org is slightly more expensive than a .co.uk, Some companies offer extremely cheap registration fees but transferring the domain over at a later date may incur a fee. I recommend plugsocket for domain name registration.

Hosting Questions

What about hosting?

We can provide you with fast, efficient hosting from very low prices – have a look at our price guide page. If you want to host elsewhere, that’s not a problem – we can easily work with any hosting company you currently use

How much will hosting cost me?

Hosting prices vary according to space and bandwith required. I recommend plugsocket for hosting. Their yearly entry package is very generous and offers tons of features for £24.99 a year. This should be more than enough for most brochure sites and WordPress sites, although if you want to host lots of video and expect many visitors you may upgrade to their more expensive packages. For example, Muymono is hosted on their 500MB package, as I have lots of tutorials which use large files.

Flash Questions

Should I have Flash on my site?

Flash, if used correctly, can really enhance web content – however, we don’t think it suits every site! We can help you evaluate if your site would benefit from Flash or not.

WordPress Questions

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source CMS designed for blogging, but easily modified to enable the management of an entire website.

So, it’s a blog then?

Not exactly. There are 2 flavours of wordpress: the wordpress-hosted blogging version popular with bloggers and the self-hosted, fully customisable powerhorse. The latter is a robust content management system which enables web designers to provide easy to update websites to clients that want to take control of their content.

Can I just build the site myself?

In order to make wordpress sites look and feel individual, knowledge of CSS and HTML is essential. There are many themes available which you may use  – but these  will not be unique or tailored to your business.

Training Questions

What are your training rates?

Contact me for detailed daily rates. Fees vary according to number of delegates and other factors.

What courses do you train?

I specialise in Dreamweaver, HTML and CSS, Illustrator and Flash for Designers.

Can you train abroad?

I am available for training throughout Europe. Travel and Accomodation expenses additional.

General Questions

I’ve got a really great idea for a project, but can’t afford to pay for a website just now. Would you be interested in working on it?


What does “muy mono” mean?

In Spanish, “muy mono” is a slang expression commonly used when something is pleasing to the eye. “Mono” also means monkey or ape.As I come from Gibraltar, home to the barbary ape, and all my mum has to say when I show her my latest work is “muy mono” I adopted this as my company name. With the benefit of hindsight, I realise it is a  difficult name to spell out in English –  but I like it and after 2 years, I’m stuck with it for now!

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