About me

I am a freelance multimedia trainer and web/graphic designer based in Glasgow, Scotland.

Freelance Design

I have worked for clients such as Learning and Teaching Scotland, University of Glasgow, Trinity Mirror, Buchanan Galleries, Cisco and the NHS to name a few.

I sometimes work for other web design and graphic design agencies, so if you’re a programmer looking for an experienced design partner to give your projects that polished edge, or an agency looking to ease their workload, contact me and ask for a quote. You won’t be disappointed.

Have a look at my portfolio to see examples of my work across a wide range of industry sectors. if you like what you see, and think we should be working together, contact me and let’s get acquainted.

Multimedia Training

I have been a trainer since 2001 and enjoy preparing course materials which I have now converted to tutorials that can be accessed online. I really enjoy training  for many reasons. Firstly, it keeps me on my toes, so to speak, as I need to know the Adobe programs inside out. Meeting creative  people who are passionate about learning new ways of working with their software is another bonus.

Why choose a freelance web designer?

There are many benefits to choosing a  freelance web designer or graphic designer to help with your project. The obvious one is cost – as  a freelance web designer, with my own office and resources and no expensive overheads, I am able to keep costs down. My working day is typically 8-9 hours long, with no meetings, line managers or distractions, so  I am able to focus 100% on new projects, and am always available to discuss your requirements on a  one to one basis. My rates are fair and  my attitude is flexible.

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